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The Apex for Planting

Webster’s Dictionary defines apex as ‘the highest or culminating point’. Well gardeners, we have reached the apex of plant development for the year, which means that this is an absolutely wonderful time to be planting trees, shrubs, grasses and perennial flowers and it all has to do with photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the conversion of sunlight […]

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Arbor Day, A Tree Holiday

Arbor Day this year falls on April 28. Arbor Day is considered a tree holiday, a time to celebrate trees in our environment and to plant them for future generations. The first recorded Arbor Day was recorded in a small Spanish village in 1805 where villagers celebrated tree plantings, feasts and dances for three days. […]

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Soil Basics

It’s amazing what a few warm days in early spring will do to gardeners yearning to garden. In fishing parlance, it’s akin to a feeding frenzy. Gardeners all across Wyoming are working in their yards, cleaning the flower beds, and preparing the ground for veggies, flowers, trees, and shrubs and anything else that can be […]

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March Gardening Chores

March came in like a lamb this year. Let’s hope the old wives’ tale doesn’t play out and March goes out like a lion. We Wyomingites get brain washed into thinking winter will never end, but I ‘m here to tell you biology in the garden is stirring and you need to get outside and […]

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Test Your Gardening IQ

Winter seems to linger in Wyoming far longer than other areas. It’s far too easy for a gardener to put off thinking about the gardening season. Yet the reality is nature is waking up and chances are you’re not ready, both physically and mentally! So let’s start the gardening season now by testing your gardening […]

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Yes, Wyoming, You Can Grow Roses!

Roses are a part of our human heritage. There are literally thousands of cultivated and wild roses on the market to choose from. Not all will work in Wyoming, but you do have choices. Let’s narrow the search. Hybrid Tea Roses This is the classic rose plant used for Valentine’s Day. Hybrid Teas are long […]

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Throughout this site, the following are used as guidelines for watering established plants: