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We are central Wyoming’s premier garden center!

At Wyoming Plant Company in downtown Casper you’ll find plants selected from around the world that can thrive under Wyoming conditions and provide outdoor beauty the year-round. But that’s not all—we offer a full line of gardening products from organic fertilizers and pesticides to unique garden gifts, gardening tools and classes tailored for you, the gardener.

We are now closed for the season.
We hope you enjoy our recommended plant varieties, and encourage you to use the Wish List to keep track of your favorites.

The plants we sell are proven winners in Wyoming, and include Plant Select® and Great Plants® selections; some are native while others come from similar locations from around the world, and we consider them to be adapted. Our passion is providing you the best in high country plants for your landscape needs.

End of season adieu

We’re closing down for the season and wanted to thank all of our customers for their support of WPC. Like most businesses in Wyoming, we too felt the pain of our extraction industries collapsing. We like to think of it as a bump on the road. But being the ever optimists, we see great things happening in 2017!

For starters, check back with us in January as we will be having a pre-order sale, with prices 15% off full retail on select trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses. Our best sales event of the year! We think you’ll find our selections eclectic but with the Wyoming gardener at heart! So if you’ve wanted fruit trees to shade trees order early!

New for 2017, will be a whole new slate of classes we offer. Especially exciting will be the willow garden chair class—imagine making a chair out of native willow that’s functional! And we are partnering up with builders Chance and Asa, who have developed beautiful raised beds customized to the individual gardener’s specs, so check back for details.

Although, we said we’re closing down for the season, you can always check in with us via phone 307-262-2963 or email: And stay with us on Facebook and Pinterest for occasional shares, messages, and photos.

See you in 2017!
Tom and Ruth Heald, proprietors


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