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Store Hours: 10-4 M–F, 10-2 Saturday, closed Sundays

Terms & Conditions

Landscape plants take years to mature to the size they can be offered to customers, and so the quantity of our inventory is limited by what is available each year. Also, plants cannot be delivered to our Casper store until the weather warms up enough to insure the plants will not be damaged during shipment.

Feel free to spend some time wandering through our online garden, looking at the plant descriptions, pictures and videos, dreaming of spring and gardening! Use our wish list feature to keep track of what you want to purchase when the time is right. Note that it is difficult to predict the availability of perennials, so come on down or give us a call or email to see what’s in stock.



All products must be picked up at our location on 358 S. Ash Street in Casper, Wyoming.

Throughout this site, the following are used as guidelines for watering established plants: