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Store Hours: 10-5 M–F, 10-4 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday

The savings continue!

Our Winter Sale has come to an end but the saving continues! Get 10% off of all purchases of $100 or more at our Garden Center. We have the largest tree, shrub, and ornamental grass inventory in Casper! As April migrates into May we will have a fantastic array of veggies, annuals, perennial flowers and ground covers to choose from!

You can no longer order on-line, so come down and see us. If you are looking for something in particular let us know, we work with some of the largest growers in the Rocky Mountain West.

At Wyoming Plant Company in downtown Casper you’ll find plants selected from around the world that can thrive under Wyoming conditions and provide outdoor beauty the year-round. But that’s not all—we offer a full line of gardening products from organic fertilizers and pesticides to unique garden gifts, gardening tools and classes tailored for you, the gardener.The plants we sell are proven winners in Wyoming, and include Plant Select® and Great Plants® selections; some are native while others come from similar locations from around the world, and we consider them to be adapted. Our passion is providing you the best in high country plants for your landscape needs.

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Open 10am-5pm Monday-Friday
10am-4pm Saturday
10am-3pm Sunday

Find Wyoming Plant Company in the Old Yellowstone District of Casper

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