Are deer turning your landscape into their personal buffet by eating your valuable trees, shrubs and perennials?

Deer Smaller Two

Deer SCRAM is an all-natural, biodegradable deer repellent that guarantees to keep deer away from your landscape. With Deer Scram deer repellent, these pesky animals will stop feeding on your prized gardens, shrubs and trees.

Deer SCRAM is a fully organic and biodegradable granular deer-control product that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins that could hurt the animals, environment and, most importantly, you or your family. It is not a liquid, it is a dry product applied to the ground and has no smell. It is a perimeter application, creating a barrier around your landscape, not a per-plant application.

Deer Scram is your best deer repellent because it attacks a deer’s sense of safety. Blended from selected organic components, Deer Scram will keep deer away of your landscape because, through their uncanny sense of smell, Deer Scram convinces deer that harm is nearby. Deer SCRAM deer repellent will change deer behavior. As they near the applied barrier of Deer Scram, deer actually alert to a sense of danger – even death! Its unique blend of all-natural organic ingredients targets a deer’s remarkable sense of smell. As the scent of death reaches the deer, a genetic biological defense mechanism to flee from predators is triggered. Watch deer flee from the area or avoid it completely!

Watch this video to see how well it works!

Reclaim your gardens! Guard your trees and shrubs 24 hours a day! A 100% guaranteed deer browsing solution! Apply Deer SCRAM to keep your prized plants and trees safe from deer damage. Keep deer out of your gardens. Unlike other deer repellents, the deer will not grow accustomed to the smell of death and will allow you to keep the deer away for good. Deer SCRAM deer repellent will keep deer out and prevent the damage to your garden, flowers and landscaping caused by deer browsing.


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