Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa
Size: #15, 1.5 inch diameter
50-60 feet high x 20-35 feet wide
Upright oval shape
Zone 4
Full Sun


$275 $233.75

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This native of the Black Hills is right at home in the plains and basins of Wyoming! Describing this tree is like describing a warrior. Early in its life it will tend to be pyramidal and as it matures it will develop into a tall tree with a massive trunk and very stout branches. Bark is rough and deeply furrowed. The leaves are a dark green on top, gray-green beneath. Acorns up to 1 inch are enclosed by a heavily fringed cap and prized by wildlife. Withstands drought , wind, extreme cold and heavy soils. Let this warrior be a part of your landscape!