‘Cheyenne Pink Velvet’™ Honeysuckle

Lonicera korolkowi 'Cheyenne Pink Velvet'™
7-9 feet high x 7-11 feet wide
Zone 3
Full Sun


This is a twin to the Plant Select® selection of the Blue Velvet® Honeysuckle. Our grower noticed it in their trial beds as being slightly different—it had even more pink flowers than the Blue Velvet! This is an outstanding shrub for a windbreak or screen. Pubescent light blue foliage in spring matures to gray green. We’ve trialed the Blue Velvet for over 10 years and have seen no insect, disease, or wildlife issues. Expect the same from Cheyenne Pink Velvet Honeysuckle. Watch a video of Blue Velvet Honeysuckle on our Videos page.

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