Chinese Catalpa

Catalpa ovata
Size: #15–1.25 inch diameter
25 feet high x 20 feet wide
Broad rounded shape
Zone 2
Full Sun to Part Shade

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Not available for the Early Order Sale

When pruning a customer’s trees this past autumn we discovered one of the most beautiful small trees in Casper. The funny thing is when asked where’d they get it – the customer responded ‘from you’. That was twelve years ago! We didn’t have to think twice about reintroducing this small tree that wowed our senses. Chinese catalpa is smaller in stature than western catalpa, rarely more than thirty feet in height, the flowers are brilliantly colored with orange and violet on a pale yellow to ivory background, orchid like in appearance. Leaves are medium green, broadly ovate with heart-shaped bases to 10 inches long. Autumn leaf color is golden. Handles dry to moist soils but not a good choice for a windblown site.

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