Dakota Pinnacle® Birch

Betula platyphylla 'Fargo'
Size: #25–2″ diameter
35 feet high x 10 feet wide
Zone 3
Sun to Part Shade

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Not available for the Early Order Sale

We introduced this at our garden center in 2013 and we were very pleased with our customers’ response to this wonderful and very hardy birch. Developed out of the research program in North Dakota—this is the hardiest Japanese white birch on the market today. It can handle our alkaline soils, winds, and is considered mildly deer resistant—they’ll eat it if given no other choices. It has a columnar habit with a spread of only 10′ at maturity. Dense branching with green leaves makes this an ideal tree for screening and windbreaks. Beautiful smooth white bark and its green leaves turning golden in autumn makes this tree a year round center piece. Consider mixing and matching Dakota Pinnacle with aspen and evergreens to create a mountain scene effect.

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