Korean Maple

Acer psuedosieboldianum
Size: #5 clump
15 feet high x 10 feet wide
Rounded shape
Zone 4
Sun to Part Shade

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Over the years our customers have repeatedly asked for Japanese Maples and we refused to sell them knowing that they were not winter hardy for Wyoming… that is until now! The Korean Maple is so similar that we can easily fool ourselves with this cold tolerant cousin. Korean Maple is a small tree with attractive palmate 7-9 lobed dark green leaves with smooth gray bark. Autumn color is a brilliant combination of orange, scarlet and yellow. Trials from our Colorado grower have shown them to do well in clay, alkaline soils. It can be planted in full sun but does best in partial shade. A great tree that can be planted near the patio, in the perennial bed or clustered much like an aspen grove.

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