Rocky Mountain Sumac

Rhus glabra cismontana
Size: #5
10 feet high x 5 feet wide
Spreading upright shape
Zone 3
Full Sun


Not available for the Early Order Sale

New! Rocky Mountain Sumac is not new to the trade but a convincing xeric shrub we’re proud to offer for its attributes of being able to handle very dry conditions, poor alkaline soils and heavy wind. This is a thicket forming shrub spreading by rhizomes. Green leaves in summer turn a brilliant scarlet in autumn making for a spectacular display. This shrub has tremendous diversity of uses; consider its use in the xeric garden where it provides a lush tropical look or on inhospitable slopes that are difficult to water or even in an urban environment filled with concrete save only a spot to plant. Disease and insect issues are rare, but deer love to eat this shrub.

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