Swamp White Oak Tree

Quercus bicolor
Size: #25
60 feet high x 50 feet wide
Zone 3

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Swamp White Oak will grow into a large tree with a broad rounded crown. As the name suggests it is found in moist to swampy locations throughout the Midwest. That said, it has good drought tolerance once established which makes it perfect for Wyoming conditions. Like all oaks, its leaves emerge late in spring. The tops of the leaves are a shiny green while the undersides are silvery white. Does produce acorns that wildlife love. Autumn leaf color is yellow ranging to reddish purple. Long lived—by planting this tree you could potentially provide shade for several human lifetimes!

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water_drops_icon  These truly xeric plants can live with our 12 inches of natural annual precipitation and only need a winter watering during a multi-year drought, but they will thrive with a monthly watering. Overwatering will kill some of these.
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