New Mexican Privet

Foresteria neo-mexicana
Size: #5
8-15 feet high x 8-10 feet wide
Zone 4
Full Sun to Part Shade


Not available for the Early Order Sale

Also known as New Mexico Olive. If you like the look of aspens but just can’t get them to survive, we recommend this as an alternative. “Limbing up” to expose the smooth whitish-blond trunks gives an aspen-like look. We like it for its own look and high desert-edge heritage. It really performs under hot, dry and windy conditions! Yellow flowers (on female trees) precede leaves in the spring followed by small dark blue fruit in August—a real treat for birds. The leaves are small, light green ovals and wind tolerant. In the 12 years we’ve been growing this species we’ve seen limited deer damage. An excellent choice for a windbreak.

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