Starting Over

So I chuckled to myself when I got the email from the Casper Star-Tribune thanking me for my years of writing gardening columns for them but there were some changes they were making and my services were no longer needed. Really? Fired via email, that was a first for me.

I didn’t lose sleep over it, but I sure am thankful that they weren’t my day job employer.

But this article isn’t about dishing the paper, it’s about starting the educational experience all over again with young millennial homeowners. They have their new homes but most are fairly clueless when it comes to their landscapes; there’s not an app they can download that is meaningful to Wyoming conditions.

Here’s my conundrum: I don’t write apps, but I have a wealth of information learned old school; so how do I help these young people learn the basics of gardening and landscaping when I’m not on their radar screen?

Millennials, I’m reaching out to you—should you be looking my way, how can I help you?