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How Trees Survive the Cold

The largest organisms in your landscape are trees. At maturity the weight of trees are calculated in tons. Some trees like the Plains Cottonwood–Wyoming’s State Tree–can transpire upwards of 500 gallons of water a day on a warm summer day. But how on earth do trees survive the extreme cold of a Wyoming winter? Think […]

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Starting Over

So I chuckled to myself when I got the email from the Casper Star-Tribune thanking me for my years of writing gardening columns for them but there were some changes they were making and my services were no longer needed. Really? Fired via email, that was a first for me. Read more »

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Things That Make Me Go Bonkers

There are any number of things horticulturally speaking that make me go bonkers when I analyze the situation. I thought I’d share with you some of those things that make no sense to me yet we habitually do them. Probably the number one bonker for me is watching people irrigate freshly laid sod. Just so […] Read more »

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

I was conflicted this week as to what to write for this article. It was a toss-up between creepy crawlers in the garden or things that make me go bonkers horticulturally speaking. For instance the mega natural disaster caused by last November’s big chill that killed approximately thirty percent of our landscape plants that nobody […] Read more »

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Young Plant Water Needs

The temperature spiked to the mid 90’s this past week in Casper, prompting gardeners to worry about their newly planted trees from this spring. I’ve received worried email notes, photos on smart phones, phone calls and samples brought in. It all leads to one thing, improper irrigation technique. Last week I wrote about irrigating your […] Read more »

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Irrigation 101

June has been a spectacularly disappointing month for me. Not because sales at my garden center were disappointing, not because the abundance of moisture we received; it was because I got sick with an ‘upper respiratory bug’ that took nearly the entire month to get over. This bug was one of the worst to hit […] Read more »

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Gardeners Have Questions

For all you gardeners that have applied fertilizer to your lawn this spring, I feel your pain. With all this rain, plus the fertilizer stimulating growth, I suspect many of you felt you were mowing hay fields instead of your lawns. With warm temperatures and above normal precipitation all our other landscape plants have been […] Read more »

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Throughout this site, the following are used as guidelines for watering established plants: